Cancellations / Refunds

If you have booked with a parking agency (including holiday extras) then you must contact them directly to organise the cancelation and the agency will notify WF Parking. If you have booked through WF Parking directly then the ability to cancel a booking will vary depending on whether you have a fixed non-refundable booking or a flexible booking. To cancel a booking with WF Parking please contact us on 02380 644 488 or

Fixed non-refundable booking

All bookings can be fully refunded within 14 days of making the booking. After 14 days, cancellation will result in a £10 admin charge. You must inform us of your cancellation with more than 24 hours notice, otherwise the full booking price will be charged.

Flexible booking

A flexible booking entitles you to move and or cancel your booking at any point. However, you must inform us about your cancellation as soon as possible. Concerning Meet & Greet, if you cancel within 1 hour of your pre-agreed Meet & Greet time, then you will be charged £25 as a chauffeur will have been sent to the airport to meet you.

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